7 Color Tips for Home Sellers

I recently returned from Ft. Lauderdale International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) 2017 Conference and Industry Awards.  Like most of us that return from such events, I am trying to wade thru what I can use in my staging business and what I can share with my favorite clients and friends about staging.

At the conference, I received a “Color Basics Designation”.  This designation specifically relates to color in staging and home sale preparation. 

A few tips to share are:

  1. Color is one of the most important staging tools. Color is noticed first.
  2. Color effects buyer’s feelings immediately. First impressions matter!
  3. 90% of information taken in is color related
  4. Color draws your eye into a room and highlights selling points/features
  5. Most importantly color helps create a memory! How will your listing or home be remembered over others?
  6. The most liked colors for both male and female are blue and green
  7. Avoid as a wall color: purple, red, pink, orange and bright yellow

If you are working with a seller who needs some color advice or preparing your home for sale and you need a color and staging consultation, I would love to help you make smart color choices to help make your home memorable in a buyers mind!

Thank you to Kristie Barnett, “The Decorologist” and JoAnne Lenart-Weary “Decorating and Staging Academy” for their great educational color presentations at the conference.