Transition Home Staging Services

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The motto of Transition Home Staging is “…because first impressions matter”.  This rings true for all buyers, and as a seller, you need to know that you have only one chance, about 1-3 minutes, to make a great first impression with potential buyers, who first see your home on the internet and then decide to view it in person.  The goal of Transition Home Staging, whether your property is – lived-in or vacant, entry-level or luxury – is to capture the buyer’s attention.  We do this by ensuring the rooms in your home will are staging properly so that they photograph their best.  Remember that buyer’s first impression is thru the professional photographs they view online.  We want them excited so that they will call their RE broker to set up an appointment to view your home.

What makes THS special?  Our staged homes stand out in the marketplace, and this translates into faster sales and higher sales prices when compared to non-staged homes. View staging statistics  here and testimonials here.

Need it done quickly?  No worries – THS offers express service and can stage your home staged in under 24 hours!


First impressions matter most in staging vacant properties.  Most buyers can’t envision how their furniture will fit into the space.  Many times a buyer can’t determine a room’s purpose and function, especially when they are looking at many photographs of vacant rooms online.  Are they looking at the living room or the family room?  But most importantly vacant homes appear and feel cold and uninviting, and don’t impress potential buyers when they walk thru the front door.  So let Transition Home Staging take a boring blank house and turn it into a warm and inviting  home!


Many homeowners just want to get their home on the market quickly and don’t want to deal with all the hands on preparation themselves.   Transition Home Staging can handle all aspects of preparing a home for sale, from staging and fine-tuning to management of home improvement recommendations.  Each property is evaluated by an ASP, who then will prepare a plan to determine the necessary steps needed to prepare the home for sale.  The plan can include:

  • Re-arrangement of furniture
  • Addition of furniture and accessories to sparsely furnished room(s) or old/worn items
  • Organization and packing of unnecessary items
  • Removal of unneeded items by insured movers
  • Contractor referrals or management of property improvement recommendation


Many sellers prefer to prepare their home for sale on their own but just need a little advice on what and how to do it.  Home staging consultations are a great option for DIYers.  Consultations act as an organized plan for a homeowner to prepare their home for sale on their own.  Consultations include an interior and exterior review of the home to prepare an organized room by room staging plan.  This is called the “To Do List” and is a complete list of everything recommended be changed and updated in preparation for a home sale.  Items on the list will include what items to pack away (we call it pre-packing), recommendations for furniture arrangement, paint color selections and home improvement or repair suggestions.  All of these recommendations are to improve the sale of the home. The client can complete the list alone based on our recommendations and their time and budget.  Our consultations typically take 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the square footage of the property.

Walk ‘n’ Talk Consultation – an Accredited Staging Professional® from Transition Home Staging will walk through the property with the homeowner and provide detailed verbal instructions on how the homeowner can stage the property themselves.

Formal Consultation – an Accredited Staging Professional® from Transition Home Staging will walk through the property and prepare a customized written report that provides detailed instructions on how the homeowner can stage the property themselves.


Many times homeowners think they can complete the staging themselves but realize that they either don’t have the time nor the creative eye to prepare their home to look it’s best.  You may need an ASP to help you achieve that WOW Factor!  As ASP’s we are professionally trained to position furniture, properly hang artwork at the correct height, position lighting, and use creative accessorizing, not to overwhelm or clutter a room but create a welcoming environment for buyers to view.  Transition Home Staging can always provide a proposal for professional completion of the staging.


Many sellers are concerned about the quality of furnishings that we use in staging our homes.  Transition Home Staging uses all our own inventory.  We do not rent from other sources.  Our inventory is name brand, new furniture, rugs, lamps, artwork and accessories.  Every property has its own unique personality and needs, so furnishings are custom selected for each staging to fit with the style of the home and potential buyer.  Let us turn your property into a showpiece that stands out against the competition! We are your vacant home staging specialist!

Our 3500 square foot warehouse in centrally located in Palatine, IL.