seamless transition

Step into Your New Home with Style

We understand the joy of a fresh start in a new space. With our exclusive service, your clients can recreate the captivating charm of a staged home in their new abode. Let us transform their blank canvas into a home with style.

Service Highlights

1. Consultation: Our experts will personally meet in your clients new home, so we can understand or help them to understand their vision and preferences.

2. Tailored Design Plan: Receive a customized plan to replicate the elegance of our staged properties while infusing their unique style.

3. Sourcing & Shopping: We can help them with any items needed in their new home set-up by sourcing items we suggest or shopping for them.

4. Seamless Transition: Experience the convenience of our team seamlessly setting up their new space, saving time and effort.

📞 Get Started Today: Don’t miss out on turning your clients new house, or just a few rooms, into a home they will love to live in.

Pass this information onto your clients so they can set up a consultation or give our Design and New Home Set Up as a closing gift. Contact us today to learn more about how you can bring the “staged look” to your clients new home. 📞224-801-1960.